In 2015, GE sponsored a show called 'Breakthrough', that was broadcasted on National Geographic channel. The show consisted in 7 episodes where different acclaimed movie directors would interview scientists and researchers that were working on technologies that represented tremendous breakthroughs for mankind biggest issues: Shortage of drinkable water, pandemics, brain diseases, amongst others.

To promote the release of the show in Brazil, GE did its own version of Breakthrough. In a webseries titled 'Bem-Vindo ao Futuro' (Welcome To The Future), Iberê Tenório, the popular host of Youtube channel 'Manual do Mundo' went to GE's Global Research Center in Rio de Janeiro to interview scientists, engineers and researchers that are working in GE's own technological breakthroughs. This series consisted in 3 episodes, regarding Medical Images, Smart Grids and Big Data/Industrial Internet.

Client: General Electric Brazil

Ad Agencies: New Vegas (BR), VaynerMedia (US)

New Vegas

CCO: Vinicius Facco

Creative Direction: Vinicius Facco

Creative Team: Marcelo Ferraz, Vinícius Correa and Vinicius Facco

Strategic Planning: Marcelo Ferraz, Vinicius Facco

Executive Production: Danielle Tubino

Movie Producer: Bandits Films

Scene Directors: Guilherme Pierri and Pedro Metz

Photography: Marcelo Nunes

Art Direction: Marcelo Ferraz

Post Production: Bandits Films

Sound Production: Croácia 


Creative Team: Alex Mulhearn, Michael Abdul-Qawi and Meghan Beretta

Account Coordinators: Brandon Resnick and Juliana Biasi

Executive Producer: Sacha Thompson 

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